Thermal Imaging

The use of thermography, based on infrared technology, has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programmes for virtually all types of industries and premises. It is used to identify things that are going to fail. Even when everything looks normal from the outside, heat gives things away. It could be a loose connection, a fuse that needs replacing, a motor overloaded, bearings running at high load… 

You won’t notice it but we will

 A thermal imaging camera is a reliable non-contact instrument which is able to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately, while the equipment is running. 

Thermography programmes have contributed to substantial cost savings for our customers. 

Breakdowns affect production and a fire could shut down your business. Does it make sense to fix worn parts during normal production—why pay the team to sit around? Scheduled service is cheaper than emergency service.


  Thermal imaging has the potential to reduce insurance premiums. Many insurance companies now require businesses to undertake thermal imaging inspections of switchboards as part of their risk management programme.


Regular thermal imaging surveys help keep your business in good health by minimising the potential for fire and reducing the risk of production losses. What’s the true cost to your business if there is a serious electrical fire? How long would it take to be back in production?

As an employer, business owner or landlord you have a duty to take all practicable steps to ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors. Electrical fire hazards exist in almost every workplace. Let us help you identify potential risks and unsafe practices.